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Getting The Industrial Look In Your Home

The industrial look has crept into mainstream furniture and furnishings over the past couple of years and is no longer exclusively the domain of East London or New York.


Artisan coffee shops and cafes have been quick to see the merits of leaving conduit pipework and brick exposed when renovating. However, incorporating industrial style into a new build or traditional home can be a bit trickier.


If you live in a modern build there are a number of ways to work it in, not least with lighting. Bare Edison filament lights bunched together on coloured cords or some factory pendant lighting in mixed and matched colours work well within a modern kitchen/dining setting.

For lounge or hall, use large tripods and marine diving lamps as statement pieces.



NLXL do a fabulous range of very high quality concrete, wood and tin tile wallpapers that are so real you will reach out to touch them. Very popular in commercial and hospitality projects for ease of application and for the effects they can instantly provide for ceilings, accent walls or specific areas and perfect for an instant update or look.


Chalkboard wallpaper also gives a market cafe feel and you can buy smaller rolls of blackboard film, (reminiscent of the rolls used for covering school books a generation or two ago) which can be cut to fit nicely into an alcove or even to disguise a fridge freezer door.


Vintage style fairground lighting art/letters bring a wall to life also. Have a look at Urban Industrialists range here


Pallet or trunk coffee tables in steel or wood with a floodlight lamp can be worked into even a small modern apartment space. Have a look through our industrial range for some ideas and examples of these productss.



Image from Rebel


In Edwardian and Victorian properties the architectural features of that era may dictate that you contain the industrial look primarily to the kitchen/dining space with a nod to it in the bathroom or bedroom. You have to be careful to get that right look of 'faded grandeur'. Edwardian and Victorian sculleries would have had their share of pipework on show and copper and iron cookware and utensils on display from simple racks and hooks.


Steel French cafe style chairs and barstools are a good choice for a dining/kitchen area and come in a range of colours. Mix and match with a metal or reclaimed wood table. Have a look through our range of chairs and stools with design elements of mid-century and industrial.



The key is to make it yours and experiment, whilst keeping it comfortable and cosy too.


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